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I’ve won the Adobe Flex Builder Pro licence I was talking about in this post. Because people complained about the low quality of the other pictures, here are some new ones:

This one is near the main bar, in the right:

Bar image

And this one is at the end of a corridor:


I hope it’s clear for everybody that it is a bar and not my bedroom or something like that. I think the posters are still hanged there, so If you’re passing through Bucharest’s “old center” and you have a debate with a friend about which classes are included in ActionScript 3.0 and which aren’t, you can go to Interbelic, enjoy some nice music, drink a cocktail and look over the diagram :P

Unfortunately they don’t have a Linux version of Flex builder yet, I can use a virtual machine – probably VMWare server, because Qemu sucks and VMWare Workstation costs a lot of money – to run Flex Builder. I can’t wait to get some free time and dive into Flex and AIR…

10x @ Adobe :P