These are the rules of the house. As long as you’re here and choose to comment, you will obey them or your comment will be deleted and you’ll be banned.

  • Be polite. Even if I might not agree with what you say, I respect your right to say it, as long as you’re using a polite language. “Arguments” like you suck, f*ck you, you’re stupid, this is lame and so on will most likely get your comment deleted.
  • Always comment in English. We’re all proud of our heritage and our mother tongue, but this is meant to be a blog for English speakers, so if you choose to post a comment, do it in English.
  • Always post on topic. Maybe the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world, but there’s no need to talk about that on a page related to PHP programming
  • Don’t comment just to ask stupid questions. Really. Don’t!
  • Don’t spam

Expect new rules to be added as people do things I dislike…